Revenue Sharing staking

The First RWA Revenue Tracker

XX % Completed

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Minimum staking period is for 30 days.
  2. Staking is available for all $PLANET holders.
  3. Users will have to stake a minimum of 100K $PLANET to be eligible for the program.
  4. Users who staked their tokens will be eligible to get a X% revenue share from $PLANETā€™s treasury.
  5. Users who stake for the first 30 days will be getting an extra X% of the revenue.
  6. Users will have to unstake manually by visiting the staking portal.
  7. Users will be charged gas fees for transactions determined by the chain.
  8. In no event is PLANET responsible or liable to you for direct or indirect losses, damages or costs arising out of, or in connection with, stakingĀ operations.

*The terms and conditions are subject to change.