The $PLANET Rewards! program will give $PLANET holders the opportunity to stake their tokens for amazing rewards, some even worth more than $100,000! The process is simple, staking your $PLANET tokens earns you points. The program is going to have its FIRST raffle on 21st of December and the rewards list is out! 🔥👀

For this raffle, we have allocated 530 prizes, worth more than $100,000 for $PLANET Rewards! Members! 🚀 Yes, you heard that right!

These prizes will be distributed randomly and all $PLANET stakers will be entered in the raffle with their wallet addresses! 

Here’s how it would work 🔽

A snapshot would be taken of the points on the 20th of December 2023. Those points would be used for the raffle. 

Points = Number of entries into the raffle

For example, stakers with 100,000 points on the 21st of December get 100,000 entries into the raffle.

The pool of rewards include: 🔽

Still wondering what the $PLANET Rewards! program is?

Here’s how the program will work:

  1. Users will stake $PLANET on (Link)
  2. The longer you stake $PLANET, the more points you accumulate
  3. Your points define your position on the leaderboard. 

Currently in V1 of the program, users can stake, accumulate points and climb the leaderboard. However, the journey will not stop there. 

Points accumulated during Phase 1 of the $PLANET Rewards! Program will segregate stakers in leagues.

We aim to make $PLANET Rewards! into a long lasting community engagement program, that will engage with existing and attract new community members to the Planeteers Community. 

There are 5 leagues in total.

1️⃣ The Legend League

2️⃣ The Platinum League

3️⃣ The Gold League

4️⃣ The Silver League

5️⃣ The Bronze League

Terms and Conditions

  • Users can stake or unstake at any time.
  • The minimum cap for staking is 1M $PLANET, whereas there is no maximum cap.
  • For every 1M $PLANET staked, users will get 100 points per day.
  • Users can only stake in multiples of 100K $PLANET.
  • Points will be updated every 24 hours unique to the time the respective user has staked.
  • Staking is available for $PLANET holders on both, ETH and BNB chains.
  • Users will have to unstake manually by visiting the staking portal.
  • On unstaking, $PLANET holders will retain the points they have accumulated.
  • Users will be charged gas fees for transactions determined by the chain.
  • In no event is PLANET responsible or liable to you for direct or indirect losses, damages or costs arising out of, or in connection with, staking operations


*The terms and conditions are subject to change.

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