Our Future, Our Planet

Our Future

$PLANET is on a mission to preserve Mother Earth by working towards achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

At the core of our commitment is our future mission to combine technology, mainly Blockchain and innovation, with the power of fandom to address pressing social and sustainability challenges.

Planet ReFi is committed to building a sustainable protocol that prioritizes fairness within the community while also driving meaningful environmental changes. To ensure that our future impact is not short-lived, we have also set a roadmap to have a long-term, repeated and sustainable revenue stream, which will eventually be used to fund businesses that have the potential to help us achieve our mission of preserving Mother Earth.

Our growth will also trickle down to the growth of our future community of HODLers in several ways.

One of the ways through which we aim to benefit the community directly is to introduce Buyback & Burn. Through continuous buyback and burning initiatives, PLANET Token will be systematically reduced in supply across all revenue streams, creating scarcity and benefiting holders both directly and indirectly. This commitment to token reduction will foster a sense of value and exclusivity, strengthening the position of PLANET HODLers and reinforcing our dedication to building a thriving ecosystem.

PLANET is supported by the top influencers and celebrities globally, and our future revenue streams will be linked to these GOATs. One of these GOATs is being revealed very soon, and we have also been dropping hints about this on our social media. Other GOATs are coming soon and will be revealed over a period of time.

Apart from backing our revenue streams, the presence of these GOATs will also benefit our community. PLANET holders will benefit from our association with these GOATs inside and outside the ecosystem.

Our aim of building a community truly working towards planet preservation will also be achieved by organising IRL community events, Hackathons, Ambassador Programs and more. This will be done to ensure that our community is involved in our mission because we believe that the mission of planet preservation can only be achieved through collective action.

Through PLANET ventures and PLANET grants, we aim to create a fund that supports and nurtures various initiatives and projects that contribute to our mission of preserving the planet. We aim to provide grants and strategic guidance to startups and change agents who are creating solutions to critical problems like climate change, global warming and increasing pollution.

Planet ReFi is a movement that aims to bring everyone together with eyes on only one goal: Planet Preservation.

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