Ecosystem Fund & Investments


$PLANET is on a mission to carve out a $100 million annual revenue protocol, revolutionizing the industry with a sustainable business model. What sets us apart is the determination to achieve self-sustainability, steering clear of the need for grants or temporary funding.

However, our mission extends beyond financial success — it revolves around the creation of a sustainable planet.

The Planet ReFi Ecosystem Fund:

The Planet ReFi ecosystem fund plays a crucial role in achieving our goal of saving the planet. It serves as an inspiration, encouraging and supporting several programmes and endeavours that are consistent with its main objective. For ecosystem fund participants, entrepreneurs, and organisations devoted to promoting the expansion and sustainability of the Planet ReFi ecosystem, the fund turns into a source of financial support and strategic advice.

A vital aspect of the fund’s approach is to identify and invest in promising projects, technologies and ventures. This creates room for innovation, encourages collaboration, and drives impactful solutions within the ecosystem fund. In essence, the fund’s goal is to support and propel the development of promising initiatives that drive change. The two goals at the core of PLANET’s endeavor are to disrupt the market and create a sustainable future.


The PLANET Protocol operates with a dual focus, aiming to maximize profit generation for the protocol while simultaneously championing sustainable initiatives. A careful allocation is made with resources, on areas such as AI-based trading, sustainability-driven startups, and other high-yield opportunities.

By identifying and capitalizing on these avenues, the protocol seeks to strike a harmonious balance between profitability and environmental impact.

This dual focus will empower the #JoinThePlanet movement to self-sustain and create impact that will allow us to shape a better world, for the generations of tomorrow.


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