It’s finally time to reveal what drives the PLANET ecosystem. With PLANET DAO, we are placing $PLANET token holders at the heart of crucial decision-making for defining the agenda of PLANET. Together, the PLANET team and $PLANET token holders will embark on a journey to create a more sustainable future.

The core responsibility of PLANET DAO is to ensure that the #JoinThePlanet movement remains a constant cycle of positive change without the barriers of financial limitations. This will be achieved by investing in initiatives that promote the long-term economic sustainability of PLANET. By emphasising financial stability, the DAO ensures a prosperous future for PLANET and $PLANET token holders.

This unique approach combines financial prosperity with the goal of achieving substantial environmental benefits.

The DAO overlooks another crucial function of the PLANET movement, the ecosystem fund. Embracing community-led initiatives, PLANET DAO extends its support to individuals and organisations engaged in sustainability projects. It serves as a catalyst, offering investments and strategic assistance to initiatives demonstrating the potential for meaningful environmental improvement.

By combining financial stability with our goals of environmental preservation, the PLANET DAO ensures the long-term viability of our movement, which caters to the best interests of $PLANET token holders as well.

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