AI Art Contest

AI Art Contest

$PLANET is a movement that uses Blockchain to solve challenges that the world is facing today. Through our initiatives, we will bring the community together to create a global change movement.

At this movement’s heart is community and creativity, and this AI Art Contest is all about bringing these both together and making a worldwide impact.

So let’s start! Unleash your creativity in this AI ART contest.


The prize is high because the stakes are high! We are excited to engage with our community that has always stood by us. Let’s get into the details 🔽

So, how can you win?

  • Follow us on Twitter by clicking this link
  • Let your creative juices flow and create AI art on the following theme: “Envisioning a Sustainable Future”
  • Tweet your art, include the hashtags #JoinThePlanet #PlanetArt & $PLANET and tag our Twitter handle

What should the art be about?

  • Don’t submit just any art. Make sure it’s relevant to PLANET and the theme ‘Envisioning a Sustainable Future’
  • Every participant can submit 1 art piece. Make it count!
  • No NSFW art, please

How will the winners be picked?

The winner will be picked by $PLANET’s team on the following criteria:

  • Creativity of the art
  • Relevant to $PLANET
  • Hint: You can add hidden hints and messages to your art.
  • Visual Impact
  • Message and Engagement

The deadline for submission is the 12th of July, 6 PM CET

Whether you’re an artist, a technologist, or someone just venturing into the world of AI-generated art, we’re excited to see what you’ll create. Remember, this isn’t just about winning. It’s about exploring, learning, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Let your imagination soar as you contribute to the conversation on sustainability and the #SDGs!